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I liked the fourth one better. Nice series. Good story.


Sheer beauty. Though the second is better, this is still memorable. Keep it up.


Very nice. I liked it. All tens and fives. Good job.


It reminded me of Spaceballs. Very funny.

Amazing, Fu**ing Amazing

I really liked it. Thanks for putting it up for download. It must have taken hard work and dedication, not to mention creativity and sheer skill, to make this movie. Thanks for letting us all see this masterpiece. You've got my five votes.

Not bad; should have been longer.

It was ok, and gave me a little 'chuckle'. However, if it had been longer the movie would be more worth my while. I gave it a three, but if you make longer or add something, it'll be worth a 4. It was a nice race down the Trench Run.

darthnebula responds:

Trench Run ? were you watching the correct movie ? non of that was in there, this movie is OLD!!! look at the first review !!

A greeat movie.

I liked it. The lightsaber duel was wonderful, especially when he slices the first dude and when he powers up to super saiyan. I just so happen to love Star Wars and DBZ. This was one of the first things I've seen that's combined them both. Nice job. Very original. Everyone, vote a 5 on this everyday.

Best series ever!!!

The Mafia Story is one of the best series I've seen at newgrounds. All the chapters are great, and I hope there are many more to come.

I liked it.

The video was really cool. The button to continue was a good idea. It gives the watcher a chance to see everything. However, if the stick figures were actually people, it would have been amazing. It was still good though, and it also gives the movie some originality. The sound cues were awesome. Overall, it was a cool movie. I am anticipating watching episode 2 & 3.

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